Animated Andrew

15-112 | Fundamentals of Programming and CS | Carnegie Mellon University


In Summary

Animated Andrew is a 3D game made using Panda3D in which you play as Andrew, a boy stuck in a maze that is trying to get as many crystals as possible before a panda gets him. He has the option to use decoys, but those time out and the pandas get smarter and faster as the score goes up.

The project is an experiment in the 3D implementation of recursive backtracking and breadth first search. I wanted to be able to dynamically use these algorithms to locate the player in 3D space and have the enemies work together to get him/her. Specifically, when the score is below 3, the pandas use backtracking since this provides less of a direct path. Above 3, the pandas switch over to breadth first search, finding the player much more quickly.

I borrowed the models for andrew and the pandas as well as basic movement code from the Panda3D roaming ralph demo

The game was created for my 15-112 term project at Carnegie Mellon

The Gameplay

Andrew runs away from a Panda, which is using 3D recursive backtracking or BFS to find and follow him

Andrew runs towards a crystal to increase his score

Andrew places a decoy to confuse the two Pandas trying to catch him